So after the rain in October (you can read about that here), Mana Pools looked quite different as you can see in most of the pictures. More mud, more green, less animals although I had some nice sightings still. And as always I also go for the little things.

In the ablution for instance I found this little green snake. I was doing my laundry and the snake passed me by over the wall in front of me. Since my car was quite close, I ran back to get my camera.

Same for the elephant, who was having a cool bad right next to my camp spot. I love these moments when you don’t even have to go anywhere, since wildlife simply comes to you.

Close to another camp site where I stayed a while, lions killed two crocs at night. There was already a dead hippo laying when I got to the camp site. It really smelled bad! That’s probably the reason why the crocs came out. They wanted to enjoy a meal, but instead, they became the meal!

So that night I heard the sounds of the lions killing the crocs which was truly incredible. It was only about 400 metres away from camp, so pretty close. I heard the hissing of the crocs, the snapping of their jaws, which sounds really loud. As if you bang two coconuts together. Pretty impressive!

Birds are always around, also on your camp site. It’s always a good challenge to get them in nice light or action.

And talking about light, of course, there is no such thing as a bad sunset. What you see here on the pictures though is the moonrise, right after the sunset. It was full moon and it made the whole surroundings really look stunning!

In November it was much harder to find the wild dogs so I had to focus somewhere else. From the beginning of my stay here (september), I had known there was a lioness with cubs, but I never got to see her. Until one day I was driving and they simply walked in front of me on the road. You see, you don’t always have to go looking for something…

2 thoughts on “Zimbabwe, Nov. 2017

  1. Johan Seekles

    You are living our dream……what amazing adventures and great pictures.
    We are trying to follow in your footsteps but still, we are missings some skills and time ;-).
    My photographs are not yet on your level but hope to get there soon.
    Time….have a job and only 40 days a week.

    I agree with that Khwai is truly amazing, but also try kgalagadi once more in February / March or Khuste NP, we had amazing experiences over here.

    This year first time Mana pools and South Luangwa 4 weeks in July, it is not the best period but my son will join as well this time so…..

    Thanks for sharing your great work and stories, love to read them.

    kind Regards,

  2. Till & Erika

    Hallo Jens, welch ein Glück für uns, das ich mir die auf Deinem Auto aufgebrachte Webadresse aus Neugierde aufgeschrieben und den Zettel nach Ankunft in D wiedergefunden habe. Deine sensationellen Bilder hätten wir sonst nie gesehen. Danke dafür, das Du diese mit anderen teilst. Wir haben uns im Februar im CKGR an 2 Tagen getroffen und kurz Sichtungen und Pistenbeschaffenheit ausgetauscht. Auf Kori waren wir Nachbarn. Deine Blogeinträge haben wir inzwischen „durch“, da wurden viele Erinnerungen an eigene Touren auf fast der gleichen Strecke wieder lebendig.
    Wir wünschen Dir gesundes Reisen, den Finger am Auslöser im richtigen Moment (das bekommst so gut hin). Für uns wünschen wir uns neue Bilder aus Botswana.
    Liebe Grüße Till & Erika

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