FAREWELL, August 2018

The end of an era. That’s probably a bit what this is. This summer I drove my car for the very last time to Zimbabwe to sell it to a friend of mine. It wasn’t until the end I suddenly realised I will actually going to miss this car. And since things like this make you a bit nostalgic I went looking for some pictures and some good memories… There were plenty! So I thought I share a few… 🙂
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Hungary, July 2018

After eating a lot of cheese in Macedonia, we were ready for some other food! The weather also changed the last week and it got really, really cold. I even took a hot shower in the middle of the day, simply to get warm again. In June! Anyway, we drove via Belgrade in Serbia were we stayed one night and had the best meal in a long time! To be honest, we also paid probably the same as we did for an entire week in Macedonia. It was really cheap there!
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Macedonia, June 2018

Jens back from Africa and I back from Asia and finally both in Europe again. We decided this summer to try something: Jens would check out the paragliding conditions (and obviously also fly) in Macedonia and I would work from there. An entire month. So no competitions this year. Jens left alone by car since he wanted to pass by Greifenburg and I would first visit some friends in Kosovo.
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Zimbabwe, Nov. 2017

So after the rain in October (you can read about that here), Mana Pools looked quite different as you can see in most of the pictures. More mud, more green, less animals although I had some nice sightings still. And as always I also go for the little things.

In the ablution for instance I found this little green snake. I was doing my laundry and the snake passed me by over the wall in front of me. Since my car was quite close, I ran back to get my camera.
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Scotland, August 2017

It wasn’t the first time we went to Scotland, but this time we actually had a special ‘goal’ or reason to go. Last year Jens participated in a competition about a teeny, tiny island full of birds. And… (drumroll!) he won the second prize! I think he should have gotten the first prize, since the winning picture was pretty average and even I could have taken it (probably not, but you get my point)! Anyway, yay!
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South Africa, May 2017

After the unfortunate car crash in Botswana (you can read about that here), we tried to make all the necessary arrangements for the car in Windhoek. Luckily we have good friends over there to help us out a bit with the right workshops and people. It made our stay also so much nicer. Afterwards we flew off to our last stop this trip. We had another ten days South Africa planned, starting with Cape Town and ending in East London with friends.
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