After my long stay in Mana, it was time to head back direction Maun. My car would stay there for ‘stage two’, since there were a few things that turned out not that handy or could use some improvement. And in Maun lives one of the best guys to do that: Shane. I left on time to be sure I had enough time to get there and go through all the necessary things. Because you never know what’s going to happen. But everything went smooth and fast. Imagine!
And so since I still had a few days, I decided to pass Khwai for a quick visit. And I must say it was quite a fruitful one. Already while driving there, I bumped into one of my favourite leopards. I’ve known him since he was a little cup and saw him growing into a big male. Not a bad start…

Also the rest of my three days were pretty amazing. Since I saw more than one leopards (Khwai is known for its leopards), the dogs and my highlight of the short visit were definitely the pride of lions crossing the Khwai River.

The river makes a bit of a turn and I was positioned right in the middle of the turn. Part of the pride decided to cross at on side of the turn and the other group went a bit further along to the other side of that same turn. Therefore the light is so different as you can see in the pictures below.

Not far from there is the home of a moody hippo so luckily they didn’t decide to cross there. Although, it might have given amazing photographic opportunities… You could tell they weren’t at ease and had quite some respect for the water and possible crocs or hippo’s. While they swam over, they were growling constantly. And literally only seconds after the last lion crossed crocs arrived at the crossing area.

It was a great sighting and so I was truly happy I decided to still go on this little trip at the end of my travels. It was totally worth it. And afterwards time to go back to Windhoek and fly back home. Five days later the next adventure to Mexico was about to start…

One thought on “Botswana, Khwai, Nov. 2018

  1. Mick Reay

    Hi Jens.

    It was nice meeting you yesterday in the Khwai River bush area. My wife knows I’m a sucker for a smart truck and I would have loved to learned more about your rig and how you have set it up.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

    Mick Reay

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