This Africa trip wasn’t all about the pictures, but more about the surroundings, friends and testing the new car to the fullest. After all boys will be boys, right? And if you’re on the road with two mechanics you can truly check your car out and what place is better then Namibia to do that?

We started the trip in Windhoek and drove up to Swakopmund, Cape Cross, Messum Crater and the beautiful desolate north of Namibia. We hardly saw any other cars or people and truly enjoyed the wide harsh landscapes around us. Not only for driving around, but also to take in the immense beauty of it. Here and there we even found small animals…

On the road with people who like to cook (and are actually good at it!), also has its benefits. I contributed with a secret surprise in the middle of the Namibian dessert: ice cream!

I’ve never been a big fan of group travels, but I have to change my opinion here. With good friends (and good cooking), the right activities and surroundings, I could even have stayed way longer… Cheers to an amazing Namibian adventure!

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