Botswana, Khwai, Nov. 2018

After my long stay in Mana, it was time to head back direction Maun. My car would stay there for ‘stage two’, since there were a few things that turned out not that handy or could use some improvement. And in Maun lives one of the best guys to do that: Shane. I left on time to be sure I had enough time to get there and go through all the necessary things. Because you never know what’s going to happen. But everything went smooth and fast. Imagine!
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Zimbabwe, Mana Pools, Oct. 2018

After the elephant relocation, the little canoe trip and our relaxed stay in the cutest lodge of Chirundu (that does exist!), we were totally ready for Mana. First trip with the new car, so also first time checking out the new way to transport firewood (and it worked like a charm). First time seeing everybody again and of course the car was ‘the topic’ every time again. To be honest I was a little bored after the seventh tour around the car and the engine. It did become funny again when guys like Stretch and Alistair decide to do a little show in front of their guests polishing the car…

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FAREWELL, August 2018

The end of an era. That’s probably a bit what this is. This summer I drove my car for the very last time to Zimbabwe to sell it to a friend of mine. It wasn’t until the end I suddenly realised I will actually going to miss this car. And since things like this make you a bit nostalgic I went looking for some pictures and some good memories… There were plenty! So I thought I share a few… 🙂
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Botswana, Zutshwa, April 2018

So this trip so far has been all Botswana. I started off in the Kalahari, went to Nxai Pan and the via Maun continued to Khwai in the Okavango Delta. Again via Maun I continued my way down to a place I’ve never been before.

Almost a year ago we came from Matopos National Park via Khama Rhino Reserve and went to Gaborone. I needed to get the radiator of my car fixed and afterwards we drove to the Kgalagadi. That wasn’t the best experience for us though and you can read here why not. But anyway, in Gaborone I got to know Joel, who’s also a photographer with a big heart for the bush, but not always enough time to get there. And so this time we decided to do a trip together to a rather wild area and for that we needed a tracker. Joel brought a friend of him, Gerald and on the way we picked up the tracker. That resulted in my car being packed up quite seriously… Continue reading →