After a month in Macedonia and about ten days Hungary we drove direction ‘home’ (I do admit, it’s a tricky word these days since we’re a bit everywhere and nowhere…). We were going to visit some friends in Austria on the way. That’s one of the big advantages of traveling so much: you’ve got friends all over the world. Great!

These friends we met in Mexico. And since we live ‘so close’, we thought we might as well see each other once in Europe! They also have a different lifestyle. Half of the year they live in Austria and work in the tourist industry. He’s a paragliding  tandem pilot and she a cashier at the famous Dachstein glacier.

We started of by having a birthday barbecue with the best view ever. A drink, nice weather, good food, friends and nature. What more do you need? We also fell in love with the little card hanging on the mirror in the bathroom. How’s that for a motto?

The next day we went for a visit up the mountain. We would do a tandem together, but also look a bit around. So we had apfelstrudel, tested Jens’ little fear of heights (bit funny as a paraglider, no?) and euh… did a little photoshoot. Up the mountain it was pretty fresh. Beautiful though. And it’s such a strange feeling to feel hot then as soon as you land. We even went for a swim afterwards. Well, to be honest, it was more a foot bath… 😉

The next day Jens went for another flight on his own and I went to Hallstatt as a real tourist. Afterwards we truly went for a swim. No proof there however… I must admit it was pretty cold! It was a short visit, but definitely a good one! And now back ‘home’…

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