Mexico, Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

Right after the last trip to Africa (and mostly to Mana Pools) we left for Mexico. A bit funny to meet each other again after two months on the airport of Amsterdam. And like in the movies we were both walking on these fast ‘treadmills’ in opposite directions when we suddenly saw each other.

Our flight to Mexico went pretty smooth, but passing customs was a nightmare. About three hours we waited in a line that seemed to have no ending. And when we finally got through it looked like our driver gave up waiting. Luckily it only seemed that way… So long after midnight (while we landed at 19:00) we finally arrived in Valle de Bravo, what would be our home for the next 7 weeks.
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Mexiko, Jan. 2010 [Nachtrag]

So, schon wieder eine Woche in Nairobi, das Auto ist fast fertig, Kleinigkeiten müssen noch repariert werden, dann die Testfahrt, Verpflegung einkaufen und morgen geht es dann hoffentlich weiter. Johannes kam gestern abend an und der will bestimmt seinen Urlaub nicht auf einen Campingplatz in Nairobi verbringen 😉

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