Since Jens had another exhibition scheduled in Freiburg, we decided to make a long weekend Freiburg out of it and afterwards drive straight to friends in Liechtenstein, since we were already on the way. Take the most out of life, right? 😉

We helped building up the exhibition to make sure the pictures would be displayed in an order that was fitting according to colour, action, animal, etc. Yep, quite a mind job there!

And after building up, it turned out we had the next day ‘free’ until 4 in the afternoon and what do you do in Freiburg with some time on your hands and skis in the car… Right!

After a last inspection of the set-up, Jens was all ready. It looked really good, also thanks to the amazing prints of Herr Bühler from Fachcolor Bühler. The exhibition took place during the big Mundologia Festival and so there were a lot of people visiting since it’s a big happening for all who love to travel. Turns out quite some Germans do…

It had been a great weekend and a bigger success as we’ve hoped. Lots of people, explaining about the light and the animals, some pictures were sold and Jens definitely got an ego-boost out of so many compliments about his pictures. Very deserved of course!

Freiburg is also home to some friends of ours, so after the exhibition we went out for dinner together and had a lovely evening. And from friends in Freiburg, we went straight to friends in Liechtenstein were we also had an amazing time with skis (and sledges) involved.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Still snowing when we arrived, so a snow fight here and there was obviously part of the plan… And the next morning it was sunny and crispy new snow. Excellent!

And after an amazing skiing day we would take the sledges up the mountain (yeap, you can take them with you on the lifts!) and feel a bit like kids again. The occasional crash in a pile of snow is part of the game of course! The last evening we were invited for a glas of Champagne and some fresh salmon, which made the sledging down only more fun… 😉

Needless to add we had an amazing week and can’t wait till next time sledging down a hill.

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