After the unfortunate car crash in Botswana (you can read about that here), we tried to make all the necessary arrangements for the car in Windhoek. Luckily we have good friends over there to help us out a bit with the right workshops and people. It made our stay also so much nicer. Afterwards we flew off to our last stop this trip. We had another ten days South Africa planned, starting with Cape Town and ending in East London with friends.

After a lot of pasta pesto and meat, we really enjoyed being at the seaside and Cape Town has some great places for good food and specially for fish and seafood. From cheap but great fish and chips to fancy places with huge, amazing seafood platters.

Jens had his birthday, so off course I had a little surprise. For dinner we went to the The Pot Luck Club, one of the best restaurants in Cape Town. And off course I made sure they all knew it was his birthday.

I don’t know whether it was because of his birthday, but already for two years I tried to persuade Jens to go skydiving with me. But as much of a flyer (paraglider) he is, he also loves being in control. And jumping out of a plain (or worse, being attached to someone jumping out of a plain), doesn’t really imply control… Anyway, miracles do happen, so after his birthday he suddenly gave in. He would jump with me!

The morning of the actual D-day, it was so misty you could hardly see the car in front of you. It didn’t look good to jump. We left anyway, since we didn’t get a message to cancel it. It took a while, but eventually the fog disappeared mostly and we got green light to jump. Into our harness and off with the tiny little plain without a real door. I had to sit next to it and luckily I’m not afraid of heights or flying, because that door was quite scary, I tell you!

We turned out to be lucky, because after our jump, there were no more flights since the fog came back. It’s as if they made a little pause for us to jump, and then put the cloud and mist curtain back. Amazing! The visibility was a bit less than the first time I jumped two years ago, but it was still a great experience.

Enough adrenaline, so after a lovely week in Cape Town we flew to our very last stop, East London, to visit friends. It’s such a plus having friends all over the world when you travel. The best reason also to keep coming back… See you all next time!

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