After three months Africa and pictures it was time again for some flying and so we were off to Mexico! Valle de Bravo never let’s you down when it comes to the weather and flying conditions and also food wise you can’t complain…

Jens did some serious flying and every once in a while I was allowed to come as well. 😉

Early mornings and after flying it was working time, since there were about 120.000 Africa-pictures to go through. Quite a job, don’t you think?

As Mexicans love a good party you can imagine they won’t let Christmas nor New Years pass by unnoticed… For quite a period of time you could hear fireworks and music all night long. Even during the day and every now and then the fireworks set off car alarms or alarms from shops and it mostly took a while before anyone would care to set these things off. Very helpful for a good night of sleep! 😉

And with good friends (with kids) around even playing with dolls can be a true party, right?

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