After my experiences in Namibia, I drove off to Botswana. Still one of my favourite places when it comes to wildlife. This time I had CKGR (Central Kalahari Game Reserve) on the planning and of course I couldn’t pass Maun without visiting beautiful Khwai.

In CKGR I would meet up with friends from Liechtenstein. We visited them lately for a few days of skiing and sledging as you can read here. Now we met in slightly different circumstances and temperatures.

We had quite some rain, which makes it a challenge to see animals, since there are puddles everywhere and the CKGR is quite enormous while the roads are rather scarce. Therefore you find yourself photographing spiders and tortoises. A little different then the usual suspects in front of my lens since I do love a little action as you know.

I did get some more action in Khwai however on a night drive where we witnessed wild dogs on a hunt and afterwards feasting on the unfortunate prey.

Photographically I had more fulfilling trips, but as nature is unpredictable and it always stays a challenge to witness any real action at all, it’s humbling and it makes me appreciate it even more. My love for nature and specially the bush with its inhabitants will never fade. I already look forward to my next visit in September, because I’ll definitely be back!

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