Scotland, August 2017

It wasn’t the first time we went to Scotland, but this time we actually had a special ‘goal’ or reason to go. Last year Jens participated in a competition about a teeny, tiny island full of birds. And… (drumroll!) he won the second prize! I think he should have gotten the first prize, since the winning picture was pretty average and even I could have taken it (probably not, but you get my point)! Anyway, yay!
The second prize was a VIP day on the island. Nothing really special (and for sure not VIP) but hey, it was a prize so we would go and ‘collect’ it! Continue reading →

Botswana, CKGR, April 2017

Almost 12 o’clock and we were driving the cutline from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR). We found a new route to get there from Maun, that was supposed to be faster then the ‘normal’ one and since we’re adventurous (Jens would definitely disagree on this one!) we went for it! We agreed to meet a friend at the entrance since we were about to stay there together for 9 days.
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Zimbabwe, Mana Pools, December 2016

This year I was in Mana with a mission. I wanted to stay for a longer time and see how everything would evolve with the start of the rainy season. It got really very hot, although it already started raining every once in a while the end of November. On some of the pictures here in November you can already see some green starting to come out. But on these ones you clearly do!
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Zimbabwe, Mana Pools, November 2016

After the sad happening with the wild dog (see here) I had to leave the park since you’re only allowed into Zimbabwe for 30 days on a normal tourist visa. Not a disaster, since I also had to resupply. I was out of… well almost everything! So off to Lusaka in Zambia. I went for shopping, to the workshop for some minor things and I even got invited by a friend to stay at his place. Always much nicer this way then staying somewhere in your own.
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Botswana, Nxai Pan, Sept. 2016

After a short visit with friends in Maun we started this trip in Nxai Pan. It’s a park where there’s always something to see it seems. We would stay four to five days and since we booked last minute we had to change campsites a few times. Luckily we’re quite mobile anyway and the campsites are close to one another. The very first campsite was the one looking out over the pan, quite close to one of the ablution blocks. There were some elephants around, which is always nice of course. But one of these elephants was injured pretty bad at his belly and he tried to get some water out of the pipes coming from the ablution blocks. They dug a hole in the ground exposing a waste pipe and every once in a while there was a power contest between some of the elephants for the key position at this waste pipe. A bit sad to see. For sure because the poor elephant was injured so badly. Continue reading →

Botswana, April 2016

We started this trip in CKGR or the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. It is beautiful this time of the year right after rainy season, since everything is really green. We still had some rain every once in a while which gave us this beautiful rainbow at one point. Because of that it was also still muddy though at some stretches, as you can see on one of the pictures. We had to pull out a friend who got stuck. And every once in a while Jens plays mechanic since there’s some noise or he discovered something at a check up. Luckily he always pays attention in the workshops.
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